New Nintendo Switch officially presented : Gamers are looking for this

New Nintendo Switch officially presented : Gamers are looking for this

Rumors that Nintendo would be working on an improved version of the Switch had been around for a long time. Now the manufacturer has officially presented the new console - albeit under a different name than expected. Read here what the new handheld can do and when it will be released in Germany.

Thus, it is now officially known as Nintendo has officially have a new and improved version of the Switch in the market today. However, contrary to expectations, this did not occur as part of a Nintendo Direct, but just as a new post on Twitter. Kind of surprising that the new console has an expected name for the Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Switch, OLED. 

Nintendo Switch OLED:

After months and months of rumors, the new pro, Nintendo Switch, model of the Japanese firm has actually unveiled the new version of the hybrid console today, and it featured in the film. Instead of a 6.2-inch, LED-display with 7-inch color OLED display screen. 

In addition, be very, very surprised by the changes in the new version of the switch, it has a wide, stable base. And now extends across the full width of the bracket and the angle of inclination can be adjusted. There's also an improved speakers, so the sound needs to be a little bit better on the road. The dock has been updated and is now in the local area connection. 

No 4k upscaling:

However, the overall design, and the design, as well as the tablet to the dock, change it. The console will show up in a not previously been available in white or form. They are also available in a classic blue-and-red combination. Contrary to all the rumors, there is no 4K scaling, with this new version. The internal memory is doubled up, instead of the 32 GB, but now it measures up to 64 GB. 

A Nintendo points on January 8, 2021. when is the release date of the OLED version of the switch. The company has not yet named a price, and for Europe, but in the united states, the new switch will cost $ 349.99, which is slightly less than that of 296 euro to convert the file directly. As for the "standard" version of the console, at the moment it costs about 330 euros in the country, the price would probably be higher. 

In the article, the Nintendo Switch: the OLED model will be released on October 8, / / Non-4K appeared for the first time and this was supplemented by the creators of a chip that contains additional information. 

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