Four Found Dead After Cyprus Forest Fire


NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Cyprus, the search teams found four ?????????? the organs that are in the vicinity of the mountain village is engulfed in flames on Sunday, the Minister of the Interior, for the "most aggressive" while in the Eastern Mediterranean sea and the island-nation's history. 

The Minister of foreign affairs Nikos Nouris it clear that the civil defence volunteers have found the remains, and not far from the village, on the southern flank of the Troodos mountain range. a

The fire, which started on Saturday afternoon, the outside of the Arakapas community, it began to spread rapidly in the midst of the strong wind, and forced the evacuation of at least eight of mountain villages, the destruction of houses, and a few of 55 square kilometres (21 sq mi) of pine forest and fruit trees. 

"We are experiencing the most destructive fire ever since the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus," Nouris said, adding that 50 homes have been damaged so far. 

The authorities believe that the institutions that belong to the four Egyptian workers, aged between 22 and 29, who went missing on Saturday evening. Nouris clarify, the Egyptian Ambassador to Cyprus, it has already been said and that these measures will be put in place for the repatriation of the remains. 

The head of the community Of Menelaos, Philippe, told the state-run instagram agency that four of the men who were working in the greenhouse where tomatoes were grown, and she was trying to get away from the fire pass along a mountain road, but in their small car and veered off the road, struck an embankment. After that, she tried to walk away, but she didn't know. 

President Nicos Anastasiades described the fire as "an unprecedented tragedy", with the exception of the damage caused by the 1974 war, which left the island about race, after Turkey invaded in response to a coup d'etat aimed at instagramifying in Greece. 

Nouris said the Greek, and Israeli aircraft will take part in 11 other aircraft and helicopters in the combat of the fire and, later, on a Sunday morning. 

Desperate people who had their homes in the fire, expressed anger at what they called the authorities ' slow response. Anastasiades, who visited the victims in the village of fire, and promised to direct aid to farmers, and pet owners who have lost crops and property, as well as to the families of those who died in the fire. 

Police said a 67-year-old man has been charged for the arson. The court decided to keep him in custody for eight days, in order to assist in the investigation to determine the cause of the fire. 

Nuris stated that the fire of the aircraft, and ground forces to focus their efforts on two major fire fronts between the towns and cities of the country / region, and Instagram. Anastasiades said that the fire is partially contained, but thanks once again be able to rise as a strong wind will resume later in the day. 

Nouris said that 36 people had been evacuated were taken to a hotel in the capital, Nicosia, and while food and water are to be provided to the residents of the village of Melini. 

The fire forced the Turkish government to bring the aircraft to put out the fire and to the other european union countries, and Israel. The fire department said that the department had been mobilised to fight the blaze, including a 70 fire engines, seven bulldozers, and a 10-water storage tanks. Many of the volunteers who rushed to the fire department. Fire, and a couple of helicopters of the British military bases in Cyprus is there to help. 

Two of the Greek Canadair CL-415 aircraft, arrived in Cyprus to fight the fire, along with two other Israeli aircraft.

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