Denmark wins the Czech Republic, goes to the semifinals and follows its heroic journey in the Euro Cup

Denmark wins the Czech Republic, goes to the semifinals and follows its heroic journey in the Euro Cup

From game to glory. After a start marked by the loss of their captain Eriksen, who fell off the pitch and left the Euro Cup due to a sudden illness, Denmark is celebrating its presence in the Euro Cup finals. The division was reached after the Czech Republic's 2-1 victory at the Baku Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan.

The opponent will leave the war between England and Ukraine, which they will face at 4pm (GMT). The semi-final rivalry will be next Wednesday, at Webley.

The rise of technology in Denmark was clear at first. But that would not mean that the duel was no longer limited. For the first few minutes, in fact, the Nordic team had enough of the game. He did not allow his opponent to play, had a 70% acquisition and opened the scoring after 4 minutes, with Delaniy's head.

Apart from the same approach, the Czechs bet on body placement. He has taken a lot of players forward, he always holds the second ball and misused the elevators in place. The game ended with a curious design. Unlike the norm, Denmark was a more active team, preferring to play in the fight.

Not only that, but the team's performance was poor. With the ball at his feet, he was able to escape quickly with a good exchange of passes. So, though depressed, extending his lead before the break, Dolberg filled out Mahele's cross.

The 2-0 did not bring down the Czechs. The measures promoted by Jaroslav Silhavy and the use of extra speed made the Eastern European election put more pressure on the final stage. It was 15 minutes they only played. And as, in addition to physical implants, they still have Scik's star, reducing their opponent's chances with another goal from the striker, who reached five equal to Cristiano Ronaldo in the Euro Cup.

But it can be difficult to keep this pace to a minimum. The Czech exhaustion and even the Danes' reaction to rival change has returned to weigh the controversy. The Czechs failed to find a tie. But it can be said that they sold their loved ones to win.

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