Ultimate Instagram Delete Guide

This Ultimate Delete Guide, Guide you on how can you Delete something or not on Instagram, which things can we delete on Instagram, what Instagram can do, Can Instagram delete our account, can Instagram delete our photos, can we delete something that cannot be deleted, yes we talk all about in this blog.

Ultimate Instagram Delete Guide

We daily upload images, videos, stories, reels on Instagram some of them are uploaded wrongly and we have to delete them so we talk all about of delete in this blogpost without wasting much more them let's dive into it.

First of all your Instagram must be up to date, you can update the app on Google playstore and Apple appstore

First, we talk about some basic question that we search daily on the web

How to

1. Delete Instagram Messages

    Delete Instagram Messages Just by following these steps
    1. Open Instagram App
    2. On the Home tab, click on paper plane button at the top right corner
    3. Open conversation whom you have to delete messages
    4. Just Tap % Hold the message that you want to delete
    5. Now you will see 3 option at the bottom of the screen
    6. Tap on unsend button 
    7. Now your message has been deleted

2. Delete Instagram Conversation

    Delete Instagram Conversation just by following these steps

    1. Open Instagram App
    2. On the Home tab, click on the paper plane button at the top right corner
    3. Tap & Hold the conversation you wish to delete.
    4. Now the slide up Menu will open, Select delete button
    5. Now your Instagram whole Conversation has been deleted

3. Delete Instagram Post

    Delete Instagram Post just by following these steps

    1. Open Instagram App
    2. On the Profile Tab, Click on the post that you want to delete
    3. On the top Right corner of the Image Click on 3 dots ig-three-dots
    4. Now the slipe up menu will open, Click on Delete
    5. Now Your Instagram post had been deleted

4. Delete Instagram Story

    Delete Instagram Story just by following these steps

    1. Open Instagram App
    2. On the Home tab, click on the Your Story at the stories feed
    3. View that story that you want to delete
    4. At the bottom right corner click on ig-three-dots more 
    5. Now the slide-up menu will open
    6. Click on the Delete button
    7. Now your story has been deleted

5. Delete Instagram Comment

    Delete Instagram Comment just by following these steps

    1. Open Instagram App
    2. Open the post on which you want to delete the comment
    3. Click on  Comment, below the post
    4. Now click on the comment that you want to delete
    5. Now on the top of the screen there is a trash icon shown up, click on it
    6. Now your Comment has been deleted

    Remember: If you delete a comment all the comment reply also been deleted.

This post will continue check it out in future

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