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So, you want to start a Lyrics page on Instagram well you can do this but there are little things that you have to learn if you have those skills that are great so without wasting much more time let's begin

How to start Instagram Lyrics Page on Instagram

How to create a page? 

Well, I assume that you know how to create Instagram Page also it is very simple to create as we create a simple Account
In the beginning, you can name a random username and Name when we design our page we will change the name
Now your page is created so you need a logo, I will suggest you to and any image we make the logo when we edit it

Now you need some Tools

For Images

Now you need some tools to create your post, There are free tools in the market you can use them

1. Canva for Image I too use this tool in daily life and also for making post thumbnails for this page in this article that image I used that is created from Canva.

2. Pixel Lab If you are a Mobile Phone user you can use Canva mobile app but I didn't use it. There is an app called Pixel lab that you can use. You can create Carousel too.

You can also make your Logo with these app.

Here I suggest you for Images only but you want to make a Video Lyrics page I know here are tools for Videos.

For Videos

You can make Lyrics videos too. There are some tools for Lyrics.

1. Premiere Pro This tool is paid for also you can only use it on Windows, Macbook why you are telling this because people use Ubuntu. also, you have to learn this tool this tool takes so much time to learn you have to learn for 1 to 2 hours a day If you really want to run an Instagram page.

2. Kinemaster I know there are Mobile users too. So they need a Mobile app here, is it.
I also make so many videos from this app you can watch this.
If you gave half an hour or 1 hour in a day for learning this app it is worth it 

Also those I am suggesting you you can get tutorial of all these app on Youtube.

3. Shotcut I know some people need a free app here is an app that is able on Windows, Mac, and Linux this software is great for Video Editing you can try this by download it on their official Website also you need to give time on this app for learning it.
The tutorials are less than Kinemaster, Premiere pro on youtube but you can do it

How to find songs?

Now you need songs to create posts yes here is a simple method you can do it. That account you created before just follow some account, people on it. So whenever you need songs or post you just have to scroll down the home page and you will find songs just follow more than 10 to 20 active pages.
You can find songs on Youtube where people do live stream and some people upload other people recorded songs in their voice where you get the song and know you can download the Original songs and edit it.

How to find Lyrics?

I will say a single word Google which is the Best way to find Lyrics of the song, you just have to copy the song lyrics and add them in to you post.
Also you can use Youtube. Youtube also give you an editing style that you can use in your post as well as in your video editing software

Gain More Engagement 

As you know for engaging with people there is a feature called stories if you post other people post and other things on your story so people will engage with you also you get high-quality content that will see you on your stories.
Also, you can learn from other people how they make posts what type of caption they use you can copy their strategy and use it on your page.
You can upload songs on reels. reels give you more views on your Page.
you can also read this for learning about Engagement

Select Your Niche

The most important thing is which niche you want to upload firstly I will tell do not to upload mixed songs on your page this is not worth it if you do that because micro-niche is the best to work on so you have to choose a niche.

First, you have to choose the language In which language you have to make the post. I will suggest you go in your mother tongue.

Second, You have to choose the Song genre in which genre you want to upload videos or images I will suggest you choose your favorite genre.

Should I/We Grow?

Well, if you upload posts regularly I guarantee you that you will grow your page.
The most important thing on Instagram frequently uploads your post.


I hope you like the article if you you can share it with your friends and others.
Thanks for reading till then stay home and Do Instagramming.

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