Watch Instagram Story Without Ads


 How to Watch Instagram Story Without Ads

Hello, Today in this blog i am going share you a life Hack or Instagram Life hack where you see Instagram stories without ads. This life hack is little bit weird to do but you can adjust it.
We watch more than hundreds of stories in a day also we watch to many ads too.

So we use this life hack to cut some time to watch only stories also in this article you will watch other persons stories too.

Also in this article, we are not using any third-party app to view Instagram stories

How to Watch Instagram Story Without

Why watch stories without ads?

So we can get more time to watch other stories also without watching targeted ads that distract us.

How do see other people's stories?

When we view someone stories those people stories come first when we watch them again means of those people we watch more stories those stories will come first so of others people stories we cannot watch but here are is the trick you will known how you watch stories of others person that we not watch frequently.

This is by viewing stories in reverse.

How to watch Stories without ads?

This is the main topic we are writing this article you can watch stories on Instagram without ads by viewing stories in reverse.
Tashvik, what is the reverse? I mean you have to watch the last story first and the first story at last.

How to do this?

  1. Open the last story that you haven't view. (Swipe to the last story in story bar at the top of the home screen of Instagram)
  2. When you are watching the last story do not swipe to the right to left just swipe left to right.
  3. Just Repeat this process until you watch the first story.
This will how you watch the new people stories at the last that you watch and also without watching the ads.

So that's it for today I know this article comes with a gap of 7 days but now i will post the article daily.
Hope you like this new life hack till then stay home and be safe.

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