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Top 5 Best Movies to watch in this pandemic

There are lots of movies to watch but these are the best movies that i suggest you watch in this pandemic. You can watch these movies on netflix, amazon prime and more.

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  1. The Walk

In this movie there is a person Philippe Petit that has their goal to walk between 2 big buildings on a high thick wire and show this to the public. So how did he do that?

Watch the movie.

  1. The Founder

Have you eaten food from McDonald's that is where the movie is. In this there a man called Ray Kroc and he is a salesman who turned the two brothers' business into McDonald’s how he does this watch in the movie.

  1. The Martian

There is a team/crew that goes on to the mission on Mars and suddenly there become strom and all the teammates have order from nasa to come back to earth and all the teammates heading towards the rocket. Suddenly a satellite hit Mark Watney and the crew started the engine and closed the door but mark watney remains on Mars.

So how he survived on mars and came back to earth.

I watched this movie 3 times and I will highly recommend it to you.

  1. The Social Dilemma

In this movie how people are Slaves of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and more others.

  1. Freezer 

In this movie there is a person that he is locked in a Freezer and how he survive in that Watch the movie to know.

So that’s all guys. I hope you like the article, I know today's article is a little short but you can adjust, share this to your friends & family.

Till then byee……….

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