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Save our mother Planet Earth

We have to be aware that we should not throw plastic and waste on our earth because this will not help you to live more than 50 years in the next 20 years.

More than 100 Million marine animals have become affected by plastic and more then 100,000 martine animals die yearly.

  1. Replace Plastic

  2. Bamboo image

But Tashvik, how can we not use plastic in our daily life. This is a good but not so difficult today many of the companies starting there startup to save our earth and in that there are such like company that are making bottle, cap, spoons, disposals, utensils, chair, table and in fact houses are making from best material that grow very fast in 1 day it grow more than 3ft. That is Bamboo you can also start a startup and save the planet and as well as earn money from it make these items from bamboo and sell to your neighborhood.

After all Bamboo can also make paper and tissue paper from it. The bamboo does not take more time to grow instead of making paper from oak trees that grow in 80 to 100 years so you can make paper from it also.

And bamboo does not take more than 3 years to decompose instead of plastic that takes more than 500 years. 

Today humans buy millions of plastic every minute. Most of the plastic ends up in the ocean. By 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic weight than fishes.
  1. Disposal

Plastic Bottle Image

As we know we use disposal in daily life or in parties and marriages. After eating something we throw the plates and glasses in the dustbin with some left food on it and this will impact but not in our life but in animals life lets see how.

The waste comes to the big dustbin and then on the road there are animals walking likes cats, dogs, cows that they are hungry. And they eat food from our plates but they also eat the waste plastic or thermocol that goes in their body and become a cause.

So can we protect this Very simple do not use plates but Tashvik if we do not use plates how can we eat food, that thing is also correct why we cannot make the plates edible, are you mad tashvik how can we make utensils edible, I know lets see how.

In India there is a startup that is making edible cutlery and selling it in India and they want to grow this business all over the world.

They make cutlery from wheat and Jaggery and people eat the plates after eating food and if you do not want to eat the cutlery you can throw it easily after it and animals can also eat the left food on the plate.

So if you have some time or courage you can do it for the planet as a startup in your country because this problem is everywhere.

We Throw more than 7.2 Million Tonnes of food every Year, and more than half of the food is edible. Meanwhile 1 of the 7 people across the world doesn't have food to eat.

That's it for today this is the 1st Part of the article the 2nd part will come tomorrow so if you get help from this article share this to your friends and family.

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