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New Skills to learn in this pandemicSkills Image

Most of the country has lockdown and people cannot go outside their home so in this situation we have to pass the time but people cannot pass the with mobile phones only so here are some skills you acquire or gather in this pandemic.

Juggling Image

  1. Juggling

Juggling is the best option to start if you don’t know what it is. I will tell you in juggling you have to throw 2 or more balls in the air and catch from another hand and then throw again catches again this repeating cycle called juggling.

You can learn init in one week. I also learn it in 3 days. Give only 1 to 2 hours daily to this you will become a juggler and if you grow you make it difficult by adding more balls.

If you do not have juggling balls you can make it from socks by rolling them and locking them.

Cooking image

  1. Cooking

This is also a great thing to do for men because most of the women know how to cook but you can learn this if you go outside sometimes you have to cook food.

You just have to start with a knife, some vegetables and gas where you cook.

Language Image

  1. New Languages

You can Learn a new languages like japanese, spanish, russian, chinese, hindi, italian, latin and more.

Few days before I watched a video on youtube he learn a language under 7 days and taking people in that language so if he can do than why cannot you. You can learn it in 1 month start learning the language today.

Instument Image

  1. Instrument

There are lots of instruments you can start with anyone Piano, guitar, drums and more but you have to pick only one instrument and master it. I will tell you my experience. I started learning piano. I take classes daily for 3 months but I leave it for 2 months and leave learning piano but i can play more than fully 3 songs on it. But I changed my mind and started learning guitar at home for 1 month, then switched to dholak for half a month and after this I did not learn a single instrument. If I continue learning piano I will play more than 10 songs on it in under 4 months you can see the change. 

So that’s why you have to learn a single instrument but this is a long term skill. If you have practiced it daily for more than 1 year then you will become an instrument player.

Typing Image

  1. Touch Typing

This skill helps me a lot. A lot means a lot. So what is touch typing?

If you are a office worker so you have gathered this skill in this skill you have worked your all 10 fingers in it how let me introduce you in this you have fast your typing speed from current to more than 50 wpm this will help you to save time.

You can start it from today. You just have an internet connection and a computer with a keyboard. There are lots of websites that teach you touch typing but there are some good ones that I started from.

Make a goal to a speed i will suggest you go to 100wpm 




So this is for today. I hope you like it if you can share this to your friends and family and give them some new skills.

If you like the article I will write more skills. You just have to comment in the comment section.


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