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 How to view someone Instagram story anonymously on Website and Apps

How to view someone Instagram story anonymously

As we know we use Instagram daily and we daily we watch the Instagram story (ig stories) of people that we follow. And we easily see their story by going into someone people profile and click on the profile image and saw the story. But there are some people that we follow and we have to watch their story but there is a twist we have watch Instagram story anonymous those who don't know what is Anonymous means Doing some work without letting know any other so in this, we are watching Instagram stories without letting them known. So how can we do, This is very simple we can do this with these some application and websites.


Application (Playstore, Android):

  2. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

  3. Gramster — Anonymous Instagram + Story Saver
  4. Story Save – Instagram Stories Download

  5. Story Saver for Stories App

Application (AppStore, IOS):

Sorry for the IOS user I only find 1 app. In the future, I will add more apps for IOS till then you can use this app.

How you can view someone Instagram story anonymous here are the steps to view the ig stories I am only showing on the phone because mobile phone most rather than Laptop, PC so you can use any site to see the stories but in my case, I am using

Step 1: Open any web browser in my it is a chrome web browser and then open the site.

Image 1, Step 1

Step 2: Then in the input section there is Enter Instagram username just simply add the username of that user that you want to search. 
How can I get a
username? In this image, you can see where is the username.

Image 2, Step 2

Step 3: And then easily hit the search button under the input section of username. The loading will begin so please be patient for that.
Then you will see the username, Name, Image, Posts, Stories of the person.

Image 3, Step 3

Step 4: Just easily click on the stories tab and you will see the stories in my case there are no stories available from that person.
So this is how you can see the Instagram story anonymous how easy it is

Image 4, Step 4

So these are the steps.
And from these websites, you can also download any post from the account. How useful it is.

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