How to turn on dark mode on Instagram

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram

We use our phones too late at night without lights on in the room and hurt our eyes as well as our mobile battery that runs fast like Usain Bolt. So why not we change the theme of Instagram as well as our phone to black or Dark. So we can use our phone late and save the mobile phone battery too.

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram

The new Update of Android support’s dark mode. So wasting much time let’s get further into it.

Here are some steps to turn the Dark mode on not just for Instagram you can also do this in other apps that support Dark mode

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Dark Mode on IOS

  1. Make sure you are updated to the latest version of IOS 1

  2. Also Instagram Latest Version should be downloaded

  3. Open Setting 

  4. Then goto to Display & Brightness

  5. There you see to Turn on Dark Mode or set to Automatically Turn of as per day hours and Night Ours

  6. Start the Instagram and enjoy your Dark Mode

Dark Mode on Android

  1. Firstly your phone must be upper or Android 10.

  2. Also your Instagram has the Latest version Installed.

  3. Goto to Settings

  4. Than to to Display > Advanced

  5. Select Dark from the Menu.

  6. Then just easily Start Instagram and enjoy Dark Mode

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