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How to do Marketing on Instagram?

Most of the people want to grow their business but they don’t know how. So people try to make social media pages of their business, here you will be shown how you can market on Instagram to generate sales and leads.

How to do Marketing on Instagram?

On any niche you are working on you just have to upload your content daily minimum 3+ posts per day.

Your vision should be cleared, assume there is an account on Instagram with food category so you have to upload only food. A lot of people I see upload different-different content. You do not have to do it, just focus on only 1 niche.

If you can’t do that, you can also go with micro niche, Micro niche sub categories of niche like mobile phone > apple phones, android phones. Apple and android phones are micro niche and mobile phone is niche.

So your vision should be decided, your purpose should be decided. That's what you want from Instagram. From this targeted audience will connect with you and good engagement.

The most views you get is from Instagram reels. Assume if your account some images only get 100 likes and 500 views but on the other hand Instagram reels will get up to 20000 views on a single reel. (This varies from content to content).

So If you want to connect with the audience just blindly make reels.

In Reels you can upload 15 seconds of video of your running product, those products that solve problems and make those types of reels that give some value to the viewers so they can connect.

Promote your other social media handles on Instagram with IGTV and podcasts make short minute podcasts also on Instagram. If you have a Youtube channel you can upload your videos as well as on IGTV.

As you can see you are promoting a single product on different things. So different audiences will connect with the product. 

Share some images of your personal branding, share your image so audience can connect and know you.

Content organisation in Instagram feed we see 3 lines which we can use to organize posts like on the first line we can upload memes, on the second line we upload quotes and on the 3rd we can upload product images.

From this if a new user comes it will see your profile easily. Do this in your Instagram handle as well.

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So for today i hope you like the post well you can share this to your friends and family. Till then bye...

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