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How to build an Instagram page on your Passion

As we know all the people have their own passion, only just we have to find it. So if you know your passion so you can start your Instagram page for building an audience because if you will do anything in the future first you have a customer, so getting your first client is typical. So if you have reached to the audience you can get your first few clients on your audience reach.

So if you start today next 5 to 7 years I will guarantee you will have more than 1 million audiences, if you post genuinely and regularly, continuously, and more.

How to build an Instagram page on your Passion

Why Passion, Because passion is in all the people also in a newborn baby. But what is passion,

Passion where people do it at any time, at any cost it is like do a thing that you cannot be bored.

Even if your enemy said that do this thing that is your passion you can do it with him also. This is Passion.

That’s why I am saying to make an Instagram page on your passion.

But how can we make it Tashvik? Simple it if you like Photography photography is common so let's take games like CS:GO if people don’t know what CSGO is. It is a first-person shooter game (FPS) . In this game, there are 2 teams that have one… This is boring. Take me to the post OK you can skip this or you can search it on google.

So you can make videos and post on CS:GO. But How ? it is simple these are some examples that you can implement in your passion.

  1. How can we Download and Install CS:GO (video)

As you know Instagram has a feature called IGTV where you can make long videos like Youtube and it is easy to make and upload but you just have to learn the basic video editing you can do it on your phone or on the Computer.


  1. Best CS:GO strategy (video)

  2. Wallpaper (photo)

  3. Shorts (photo)

In the 1st line I mentioned how to download and install CS:GO but you can do it in reel option in which you just have to make the long video in 30 seconds. Because people do scroll down reels and like short videos, this is why Tik Tok grow too much.

  1. How can we Download and Install CS:GO in reels


And they are unlimited because Creativity is Endless.

What to remember when starting a page

See if you are Making your page for only earning money so please please do not come in this work because you will not run that page for more than a week. So if you are highly passionate about it Start it.

Second, you have to post a post daily because Instagram needs continuity if you ain’t uploading post regularly your page will not grow.

Third, In any field, the most important thing is Content is the king. It means the content is all thing in Instagram that is your Images, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and stories.

So you have to post the best content so the audience will come to you. And like your Content.

Fourth, you Have to engage with your audience, that is you have to talk to your audience. If you do that your audience will know you and The most most important thing is you have solved their problems. Because if you solve their problem they will appreciate you or they will follow you.

Tips and Tricks

There are some tricks to help you grow your page more. Let's assume that there are more than 100+ posts (Video and Images) and you have more than 1000 followers so your old posts are down on Instagram so your new audience can’t get to it. So what you can do is that you can repost it. Repost means you do not post your old post again as it is, you have to redesign it and post it again so new people get new things. 

Check out that post that is growing by having more likes and comments then make similar posts on it, so you get more audience.

Use the Instagram Highlights feature the highlight feature is. That you can add the most viewed or your best post in the highlights so people can directly go to that highlight and easily view instead of scrolling and finding the post in your feed option.

Repost your old post in stories because more than feed the stories are viewed in a day.

You can also make a quiz in the story and in the next few hours you can explain that quiz in the next story so people get more connected with you.

You can also add polls into the story.

Other social media


If your page is growing you also shift to other social media and make your pages on it and post it on also. But I do not have time to post it on another social media. Okay, there is a tool called IFTTT you can use. It will help you if you post on Instagram your post will also go to the other social media also. So it will make it easier to work with.


Interconnect Your other Social Media pages, Tashvik there only 1 link given to use in Instagram Okay. There is another tool called Linktree. In this tool, you can add your all social media links and you will get up to 1 link only so you can use it on all the Social Media platforms.


You can also make a blog so you can explain anything deeply into that but if you like writing then do blogging because blogging is difficult.


There are lots of passions you can check out on this link click here.

So if you like the Post you can Share and follow us. If you get knowledge from it, share it with your friends and family. Because you are a bit smarter than before.

Till then stay Home, Watch anime, and read Manga, byee....................................

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