Best Instagram New Tips and Tricks to Impress someone


Best Instagram New Tips and Tricks to Impress someone

In the new update of Instagram there are new features available for us. There are some feature to impress your loved ones or many more people like friends and family also.

In these tricks we are not using any other third party application, You can also send boomerang images in chat without using any application. In these tricks i know you know some tricks but i am damn sure that you don’t know some tricks as well. So Here i’m Tashvik without wasting any time let's begin reading.

Best Instagram New Tips and Tricks to Impress someone

  1. Hide your Images on Instagram

Here are the first tricks where you can hide your feed/post images. I know some posts we do not have to post or we have to post in the future, but also we do not have to delete them.

It is pretty simple to do this trick.

  1. Go to that post that you want to Hide

  2. Then click on Top-Right corner of the image3 dots

  3. The menu will slide up click on Archive

The post will be hidden.

So the work has been done but no we have just only hide it how can we unhide it.

  1. Go to your profile 

  2. Click on Top-Right corner of the profile  

  3. Click on ↺ Archive 

  4. You will see on the top of the screen there is stories archive

  5. Tap on stories archive if it is

  6. 2 option menu will slide up

  7. Click on Post Archive, Then you will see your hidden images.

  8. Click on the image that you want to unhide.

  9. Then click on Top-Right corner of the image3 dots

  10. The slide up menu will shown up

  11. Click on Show on Profile.

Now you are able to hide and unhide the images in Instagram without using any third party application. Also without deleting any image. Also do not forget to Reload the profile.

  1. How to read message without seeing them

You can read anyone's message without seeing the message. And the other person will not know that you read the message.

The process is a bit lengthy but you can adjust it. Also we are not using any third part application so here are the steps to do.

  1. Whom you want to see the message, go and search him Instagram handle

  2. Click on 3 dots on the Top-Right corner click on3 dots

  3. The slide up menu will open click on Restrict.

With this option the profile will not block but the message or chat folder will come in the Message request option in Message (Message request option where you get new messages from unknown person or from new person.) So whom you have Restricted will come in a request message.

Until you will not approve the person he/she will not see that you have read the messages.

  1. And you will easily see the Message

  2. Then Click approve and if you reply or not reply to him.

The one more benefit of Restrict is suppose a person comments on your pic/video so the comment will not see to any other person instead of you. If you approve the comment then the comment will list in post and it will become public and others can see it. On the other side you can also delete the comment from the post.

How to send boomerang in chat

  1. How to send boomerang in chat

In this feature you can send boomerang in chats of your photos with stickers in the photo. Without using a third party application.

For this trick your account must be in Normal or Personal mode if your id is in Business mode so this will not work for that account so you can use the mode in the setting option of the account.

  1. Go to any one chat 

  2. You will see the stickers button in chat bar or in typing bar click on it

  3. There is option name Selfi with emoji image on it click on it

  4. The front camera of you phone will open

  5. And your background has also changed like a green screen.

  6. You can also change the reaction from the emoji down on the image like Happy, Sad, Angry, Love and more.

  7. And just click on the Send button the boomerang image will be sended.

  1. How to Send animated text

In the feature of the post this is the best trick I liked it. You can send animated text to your friends and family easily. These are the steps to send the message without using any 3rd party application.

Also when i tried this feature in many accounts the feature is only working personal accounts as well as in new accounts.

  1. Open anyone chat.

  2. Type the message that you want to send.

  3. At the left of the chat bar there is a Search icon.

  4. The stickers menu will slide up and you can see text animation

  5. Click on any of the animations and a message will be sent.

With this feature you can make conversation very interesting and impress if anyone asks you how you do that by giving the link of the blog article.

So that’s it for today i know there are only 4 tricks.

So share this article to your friends & Family.

Till then stay home and bye…..

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