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How and Why should i invest in bitcoin?

How and Why should I Invest in Bitcoin

Most of the people are investing in bitcoin (BTC) and crypto currency and making profit as well as money so why we are waiting to invest in BTC because we don’t have knowledge about investing or what is bitcoin and crypto that’s why we are afraid of it. But don’t worry i am here to tell you how you can invest money easily, properly in BTC and crypto currency so not wasting any time lets get straight forward into it.

First we will look Why Who When bitcoin:

  1. What, Why, Who, When is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the CryptoCurrency also called digital currency Invented in 2008 by a random person like Satoshi Nagamoto. The currency began use in 2009 when its implementation was released as open source software.

The goal of the bitcoin is to transfer money peer to peer it means no one middleman action will come in it as like when we transfer money 1 person to another person the money goes from bank to bank the Dollar goes from federal reserve bank but in the bitcoin there is no one middelman sitting for the exchange that’s why it is more secure.

  1. How Cryptocurrency works?

Cryptocurrency works using blockchain technology so what is blockchain in simple ways i explain to you blockchain is like a database. A database that stores data in electrical form as like spreadsheet that we use in Microsoft excel and google sheets.

As like database blockchain collects information in groups also known as blocks that hold set of information when it get filled it will make new block and this cycle is called blockchain.

  1. Are Cryptocurrencies a good investment?

Yes, if we take a random crypto and see the returns in 1 year most of the currency are profitable and gives more than 500%+ returns you can go and check it on


  1. How can I invest and how much?

You can start investment on You can start investing with 10$ per month if you do this you get lots of money in the end of 2021 with the 500+% returns i am also investing more than 10$ monthly. But if you are looking for these such investments that get you best returns in just 1 to 10 days so guys this is not made for you because in the stock market and cryptocurrency we need a expensive thing that is patience that cheap people cannot afford.

  1. Why should I invest in crypto?

As i said before most of the crypto are raising up if you need financial freedom you can get it from crypto currency also so by the way if you need an article on financial freedom i can get it to you if more than 10 comments come on this article with #financialfreedom i will write it for you. So start your investments from today.

So this is the article for today i hope you like the article comment and share the article to your friends and family and give some investment advice to them and make them life secure.

Thanks for reading lets meet in next article bye……. 

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