How to Gain Traffic on your Website or on your Blog

How to Gain Traffic on your Website or on your Blog: In this Blog Post, You will learn about how to gain Traffic to your Website or your blog with simple methods.

There are 2 Types of Method to Paid and Free So first we learn Free Methods
And also this post is related to Social Media so we do Not discuss SEO only we learn about Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Youtube
  5. Other Social platforms
  6. Freelancers

1. Digital Marketing

Here first thing is Digital Marketing it is the most useful and the powerful thing to gain an audience on the website and more easy to use. Here you can contact with a digital marketer so it can easily promote your website or your profile, page and more web things that you want to promote on it. it can promote by there services like e-mail sending the digital marketer has an email list so it can share your products to another people services or web application so you can contact them and it will promote your pages to there email lists

2. Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to share your products and many more things to it. 
1. If you have your page and have a great following so you can share on it and gain traffic. 
2. If you do not have a page but you still want to share your services or page on it so you can contact a high following page then just contact the admin of the page and say "please promote my website on your page and I will give you money so this is the method you can promote your website to another page
3. You can run a Facebook Ads campaign it easy and the fastest method to gain the audience on it and you can easily run this campaign on another day and it cost lowest to lowest also be like 20rs or 1$ so this is the another easy method

3. Instagram

Instagram is also a best and reliable social media to gain traffic on your site and this is also powered by Facebook so you can think that how it is good and there are more than 100 million people are using this social media  
1. You can promote your website on your profile if you have a great following on your profile you can add it to your stories because many peoples are watch stories of peoples and stay on them you can add a swipe up option that Instagram provide us to add a link on your stories
2. If you do not have a great following on your profile you can promote on another profile they will charge some money to promote another people website, page, more and this is an easy and fast method

4. Youtube

The youtube is a best and the beast social media platform there are more than 1 billion users that are live on youtube and watch videos many are people influencer on it they promote many peoples website, page more things on it and take some money you can also do this also or you can promote it on your youtube channel so people can go there and you will get traffic

5. Other Social platforms

There are more than 100+ social media platform are available on the internet and use it so you can also share your link on it like
  1. Linked In
  2. Reddit
  3. Twitter
  4. Quora 
  5. Fiverr
  6. Up Work
  7. Whatsapp
  8. Facebook
  9. Instagram
  10. You can search on google also
So you can check out this site and use it also and all the sites also have their own ads campaign so you can run ads also

6. Freelancers

Here is one more Thing you can hire freelancers to promote your websites. so they can promote your social media platforms they have there own people following so they promote your website, pages, profiles, and you will gain traffic to it.

So that's hope guys this is the blog post of the day in this post I like Facebook and Instagram because This is Cheap and easy to use If you like this post share this to your friends bye..........

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