What is Digital Marketing? | How to earn Money from Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? | How to earn Money from Digital Marketing ?: In this Blog Post, you will learn about what is Digital Marketing and how you earn money online.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a platform where you can sell your products online very easily and you can also sell e-products like e-book, images, themes, templates, photos etc.

This is easy to work and any new user can also make money and sell there products very easily online like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and there are also more social media sites etc... etc... 

So there is the first thing is comes that how and which you sell your products online

How to sell? you can sell your products on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and etc 

which to sell? you can sell like a book, t-shirts, more 

But friends this post help this for new users that nothing knows about Digital Marketing

so, friends, first thing is that you need a website or not be but if you need so you can make it by registering a domain you can use .com domain or a free domain but I prefer you to buy a top level domain 

And when a domain you a need a hosting also you can easily by a hosting on GoDaddy and domain also this a best and easy website for beginners

When you make your own website you can learn it on youtube and another platform like but these are paid platform so try on youtube 

But if you don't need a website so you can make start a page on Facebook, Instagram and sell your products like t-shirts, watches, clothes, tech products or more you can sell on social media

You can easily and freely make your own ideal and customizable page or a profile on These social media 

So how you gain an audience on Instagram and Facebook There are other posts are available on this blog so you can easily go and read about that posts and you can also search on google and youtube also 

So how you post your products you can sell your products and earn from affiliate marketing there is also another post about affiliate marketing but I will tell you in short here.

On Amazon-Affiliate just go and make your account and then also make an account of Amazon-affiliate also because this is the main thing you need to sign up in it 

Then just go to any product link and then just scroll to the top there a text box icon appear to click on it and you get a link just copy it and save the image also and then whenever you upload your product just add image and in captions tab add your link and give him a useful captions that anyone people can buy it 

So these are the basic thing that you need to know about digital marketing so friends these is the first part of digital marketing how you earn from digital marketing there is another blog post is also coming so wait for it and stay tuned to learn more about digital marketing 

So, friends, this is the post of today and if you like it to share with your friends and also there is any question you can comment me in the comment section down below bye......

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