How to gain engagement with people On Instagram easy methods

How to gain engagement with people On Instagram easy methods: In This post, you will learn how you can gain engagement with Instagram peoples with some easy and versatile methods So let us look.

 Engage your audience

There are lots of methods that are available on many other sites but on this post, you will learn many good methods so start now.

You can engage your audience by replying to your comments that your audience are telling or questioning about but do not reply all the comments so audience think he or she is a spammer so try to reply low comments

You can likes another people post on hashtags that you use on your photos or post but do not like all photos by line wise always likes those photos that you love and like it so Instagram think it is Genuine people and lastly do not like more than 100 photos in a 3 to 4 hour always likes 400 to 500 photos daily but do not make spam.

You can also reply to another people post comment and try to answer people that they ask for and do not comment more than 4 to 5 in an hour this is also you will ban by Instagram and if you reply someone people comment if it like your comment so it can start following you and you can get engagement and followers also

Upload photos Daily and regularly This is the most important method to gain more engagement upload your photo or videos daily so people can make engagement with you if you not upload photos you will not earn more followers and engagement This is also my experience I also working on a profile on Instagram and when I did not upload photos so my followers came down so try to upload post daily and regularly

Likes your post comments if you like your people comments they will think he or she is genuine so there are chances to they follow you I also like all my peoples comments so many of them follow me also

So, friends, these are things you need to focus on
So if you like this post share with your friends bye...........

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