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How to earn By Digtial Marketing From Social Media | Instawala : In this Blog Post you will How to earn from Digital Marketing by Social Media

How to Earn From Social Media?

 You can earn from digital marketing easily and if you did not know. What is Digital Marketing so click on this link What is Digital Marketing 

How to earn from social media By digital marketing this basically called social media digital marketing this is the most powerful thing to sell your products easily and earn money also

How to Earn?

You can earn by Sharing your products link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram easily and gain response from your customers 

There is a best way to start your website you can start your website in only 20 $ to 30 $ only there is also another blog post coming about how to make website for only 25 $ just by a domain and buy hosting to host your website on it

And if you don't need that you can make your page, profile, accounts on google+, instagram, facebook, twitter and all other social media sites with a single name

Than share your product link on all your social media pages, profile etc-etc

And if you have your website you can also share your link on it also and than seo your website to gain traffic on your website

How you make your Products?

You can make your product from amazon easily from affiliate marketing there also another blog post 
This is best and the world easiest method to start earning from amazon affiliate

There are more website that give you affiliate program to earn money you can search more on google
these are example Flipkart, Snapdeal or many hosting sites also like godaddy, hostgator, siteground etc-etc

You can also earn from Drop Shipping This is a best method to sell your products that are on your home or any other website just copy the image of product and paste on your website than copy the affiliate link or make eCommerce store this will provide you to get all the details of your customer link address, number, email infect you can gain your email list also than if any one buy it add payment gateway than customer give you money and than you can order your product on the address of your customer so people get product and you get commission

 With E-mail list by sending e-mails to your customer than a people get a e-mail and he or she see it and go to your website to see product details so there are chances to gain sell from e-mail marketing this called E-mail Marketing 

So today this is the blog about how to earn form social media If you have any other quires so you can comment me down below  byeee.............

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