Tips to Click Instagram Posts or Instagram Photos

Tips to Click Instagram Posts or Instagram Photos : Hello Friends If you are using Instagram for a earning source so here is a helping blog for you to how to click good photos for Instagram

 Things you need to remember Before shooting Photos

1. Whatever camera you are using but its lens must be clean and shine so the images looks better than before. How you clean your lens ? If you are using Smart Phone for photography so you can clean by a fiber cloth or your own t-shirt at any time. If there is a DSLR so you can buy a DSLR lens Cleaning kit its is must important tool for DSLR.

2. You Need to remember of lighting before clicking Instagram photos. If you are using mobile never use your flash use another phone flash light for a lighting its give you a better photos. And in DSLR you can use a soft box for a lighting condition.

3. Do not use manual Zoom its give you a noisyness in photos But DSLR manual zoom does't give you more noisyness than Smart Phone.

4. Must use a tripod this give you less shaky and blury images.

5. Always on 3 lines grid in mobile this give a straight angle for clicking better photos.

6. try to shoot in night its give you a better photos

7. There are more tips in this blog.

Tips to click better photos for Instagram 

Always use Manual mode for photography. In mobile or in DSLR for better photos. Because manual mode allow you to change iso, contrast, brightness, etc you can change this by your accordingly.

Try to shoot in Day light because in day light the light that are you using is a nature light so it is good for photography in night the photos looks bad.

Try to shoot in Portrait Mode because the most of the Instagram photos are upload in portrait mode but you like landscape mode so you can also use landscape but landscape photos are come small in Instagram.

Before uploading your post you can also edit your photo in Instagram photo editor App Like you can use a popular app for editing is Snapseed is google app for editing best photos in it.

Do not use Instagram photo editor that is in build in Instagram because its does't give you better output must try to use another app for editing photos.

Do not use Instagram camera for clicking photos You can use another app for clicking photos that are available in Play store Just search Camera you can use FV-5 camera app for clicking photos

Try to is another photographer photos how they shoot or how they click.

Always Upload a photo daily in Instagram because your people know how they click photos

Always use (#) hashtags in bio for getting followers In Instagram

I hope you Like these tips for clicking better photos than before If you learn anything from this post so you can share this post to your friends and see another post on this Blog bye......

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