How to Start Vlogging On Instagram And Earn Money easily

How to Start Vlogging On Instagram And Earn Money easily In This post i will tell you about How to start vlogging on Instagram

How to start Vlogging On Instagram 

If you are a traveler and you go all over the world you have a good chance to start Vlogging on Instagram easily and to earn on Instagram 

Just pull out your phone from your pocket and where ever you are just open camera in Instagram and start to talk with camera with your friends like i am here, i doing this, i like this food, this food is great, this place is beautiful, this lake is good, and more that you can think in your mind set.

You can engage with your audience to come over this place, come over this place or any place that are you traveling for.

You can also Start uploading feed In Instagram like where you are like photos videos some best moments or shots that ever you seen to try your people like you

You can start food vlogging, Style vlogging you can tell about your audience to that this food is the best food in the world or many other  creative ideas to tell about your audience

You can also gain more followers to feed photos and photography to people that they can see good photos you can add food photos, style photos or even more.

If you are not going any where you can also upload videos from your home what are you doing at home what you do at home or even more.

In this particular Vlogging you did not need to edit videos But if you need to edit videos or you like to edit videos you can also upload on IGTV this is a platform to upload longer videos than Instagram

Or you can Start a Youtube Channel And upload Videos with your audience and in this platform you can also earn money more Than Instagram from Google Adsence this is a earning website in this website you can earn money 

But in this post we are talking about how to earn form Instagram So we continue on you can earn from Instagram How

You can earn by Affiliate marketing this give you some revenue when you sell a product you can check out my another post of affiliate marketing earning

You can copy the link of your product and share to your profiles bios this allow to add a link and add this link in website bar

You can also earn from Sponsorship But you need more than 10000 to 20000 followers reach There are most brands that are approaching to people to share my website link or promote my website to your blog, Instagram or more so they give you money for promoting peoples website

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