How to Start a Funny Instagram Page On Instagram For Gaining Followers

How to Start a Funny Instagram Page On Instagram For Gaining Followers : In this post we are taking about How you can start a funny page on Instagram And How you can Gain Followers

How to Start Funny Instagram Page

1. First go to And sign up to a new account you choose a funny name for your Instagram Profile like funnycom, funny, hahapage, funnypost, these example so try to use a unique name do not try these ones.

2. Second Make a logo for you Instagram Page you can make logo on your own or you can go to a website like in this website you can get a own ideal logo for Instagram profile and say that i need a logo for a funny page of Instagram so they can give your logo in 2 to 3 or 1 to 2 days only you can also search on google and try any a funny logo just type Funny logo.

3. Third You can to run your Instagram page with your friend so your friend can also post when you are busy you can also run with 2 to 10 people also or more.

4. Fourth You need to post daily so your people can engage with you. You need to post 3 to 4 post per day so these a Questions how we can get post?

5. fifth How you can get post ideas? you can get your post ideas from Facebook how you need to follow some funny pages that shares you funny post and you can also follow some Gaming pages that are also share some funny post.

6. Sixth You can also add stories in Instagram like videos you can also find videos on Facebook, like app, musically (Tik Tok) or there are more apps and website in you can get Videos.

7. Seventh You can also viral your post on Instagram By adding Hashtags In post captions but do not add more than 28 Hashtags on Instagram post Captions there is another post on my blog for viraling you Instagram Post.

8. Eighth You can also make new page on Facebook for more viewers from Facebook and share your post to Facebook.

9. Ninht Must try to reply your Viewers in Comment section so many people can engage with you

10. tenth You can also earn from these page of Instagram but first you need to gain 10000 genuine  followers There is also another post on my blog to How to gain more followers on Instagram. And my next Blog is also About This How you can earn from Instagram from Amazon and many other website that sell Products but in next post.

11. Eleveth you can earn from affiliate marketing by amazon and post a photo of your product then make affiliate link from amazon and add to in Caption so If any one buy your product then you get a 1 to 5 % of a product rate 

So these are the tips to How to start a Funny page on Instagram I hope you like this post so try to share to your friends bye............................................

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