How to Gain Instagram Followers Gain Insta Followers

How to Gain Instagram Followers Gain Insta Followers :- In this post i tell you how you can gain more followers in Instagram

Instagram Followers

How to Gain More Instagram Followers

Use HashTags :- Must use more than 20+ hashtags in your bios of Instagram photo in this your post 
will comes in another tags so more people like your post and follow you. you can find more hashtags from another website that can give you best 2018 or 2019 hashtags for you if you are a food blogger on Instagram you can search on google best hashtags for foods ex: #food, #goodfood these are example so do not try to use these hashtags hahahah....

Regular Post :- Try to post 2 post in a daily if you are a traveler and if you are a photographer try to post 4 to 5 post in a week if you do these so your followers learn in this profile now comes a photo
so try to post regularly

Good Bios :- Try to change your bios in a week so new viewers comes and read your bios and say this is good boy or a girl so try to write or change your bios

Likes Another Photos :- Likes another photos in search option or in hashtags profile if you likes another photos he or she see your profile so there are more chances to gain more followers from double tapping on another photos...

Write Comments On Another Photos :- Do not write follow for follow because if you follow another they follow you and in this your followers are growing but your following also growing so try to write genuine comment like this photo is good you are best do not write abuse if you write abuse your account can be disable and your work and followers are also gone.

Try To Write Question In Description :- Write question in description so people read description and write a comment for a of your question so try to write question in description

Share On Another Social Media :- Share your photo on another social media so another people also follow and like your photo and try to share your link in another website for more traffic gaining people.

Promote On Website :- Promote your post on another Website like reddit and stumbled Upon do not over promote not to promote over so can be blocked on these websites.

Replay Comment :- try to replay people comment for engaging people if you replay they feel good and it is possible they can follow you.

Replay People :- Replay to your people when you are not uploading post so your people know this account is active so there are chances to loss followers in Instagram.

Replay On Another People Post :- Replay on another people comments so its change to gain followers from these comments but do not spam because there are chance that your account can be blocked

Own HashTag :- Make own hashtags and encourage to your people to use it.

 So there are 10+ tips to gain followers I Hope you like these tips and tricks or hacks if you like so share this on facebook, whatapp, Instagram I will meet you in another post bye.....

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