How to Earn From Instagram From Affiliate Marketing

How to Earn From Instagram From Affiliate Marketing In this Post, you can earn from Affiliate marketing from Instagram for Making Money very very easily.

How to start Earning from Instagram

There are lots of ways to earn In Instagram but here is a simple and the fastest way to earn from Instagram So it is Affiliate marketing hay friends you have an Instagram Account that you are running So How many followers in your Profile tell me in Comment section below so if you have more than 1000 followers you can earn very easily if you do not have more followers Than 1000 so there is another method for low followers person

1. First, you need to make an Amazon or any other selling product website account and go to the affiliate program and sign up again then go to search bar type T-shirts, phone cover, phone cases, earphones, and lots of products that are available on Amazon but You know why I only take these example? so because you need to search such that are under 500 rupees or 5$ to 7$ because many of people do not buy high rate of product and then at the top there is bar comes just copy the short affiliate link.

2. Second also save the image product and remove all the links that are showing in image because there comes a copyrighted issue and then go to Instagram of your profile then go to upload a photo and then select your product photo than in the captions section paste your Affiliate link and add more captions about the product detail you can also add (There is a discount going on buying it fast 20% off) so there are more chances to gain more traffic and you can also add Hashtags in captions like (#sale #products #20%off #t-shirts #phonecases #phonecover #backcover) and there are more tags that you can use.

3. And the last but not the least tip is for 10000 more followers you can also share your post in stories tab and add your link in swipe up options.

And post uploading users can also promote your post buy promoting post of Instagram promote post but when they have money

And at last there are many users that does not have more than 1000 followers or not 100 followers also so there is the best method that is you can start a new blog of products and first you need to post regularly for engagement to your people just try these steps that are giver upper side and try to upload post 5 to 10 post daily at starting you can share any product of link.

How many money you earn from this The amazon give you 2 to 10% of your product rate if product is 500 rupees so you get 20 to 50 rupees when anyone buy product from your link if product is more than 500 like 5000 so you get 200 to 400 rupees so first try to share under 500 products so there are chances to buy products

Thank you, Friends, if you like this post you can share with your friends and if there is any query you can put your question in the comments section down below bye.......

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